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I was looking at Bedhead the other day and realized that it was 10 years ago when my story of the ultimate bad hair day first hit the bookshelves. That’s 70 in dog years! It’s hard to believe that so much time has passed but it sure has. And although more than 520 weeks have passed I can’t help but laugh every time I look at Jack E. Davis’ wonderful illustrations. He did such a great job of capturing Oliver’s fear and frustration in taming his mane. All that wild and curly hair really fills the pages with red and orange mayhem. Thanks Jack!

Looking at the pages of Bedhead also got me thinking about my inspiration for the book. Namely my son Jamie. He’s got the classic bedhead syndrome. Yep, he’s a ‘sweathead’. Sweats through his head when he sleeps. It’s the perfect scenario for daily bedheads in all shapes and sizes. One day it was a bunch of scrunchy knots. Next day, a spiky rain forest. Another time, a swirly brown tornado. Another day another bedhead. Literary inspiration was always just a morning away. Full disclosure: I get my share of bedheads too! Mine are of the ‘bird’s nest with wild crooked spikes’ variety. So, I guess you could say the condition is hereditary. Sorry, Jamie!

And then when I tried to think about how my mind works (there’s a scary thought) coming up with all my stories and characters I thought I’d use math to explain it (an even scarier thought). Result: Inspiration Equation! You can see the one for Bedhead at margiepalatini.com.

And for taming those bedheads don’t for get Bedhead hair products. (Shameless advertising plug for Oliver’s consumer doppelganger!) I’ve tried it and it works great. (Shameless testimonial!)

I’ve also had lots of laughs seeing how fans of Bedhead like to take bad hair days to the extreme. So many schools have had “Bedhead Days” when I’ve come to visit that I’ve just about lost count of all the original ways kids have found to create crazy coiffures (love that alliteration!).

So I said to myself, “Margie.”

I say that to myself often.

I said, “Margie you should do something special for Bedhead’s 10th birthday.”

So who am I to argue with myself! A great idea is a great idea!

That’s why I’m having a contest in honor of Oliver and all the artistic, literary lovin’ bedheads everywhere, just go to my fan page at http://tinyurl.com/289hfsu for all the details. Grand prize includes a Skype Video School Visit!

Let the drawing (and lots more bedheads) begin!

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